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Course aims
The course aims to expand the depth and breadth of the student’s academic learning through hands-on experience of applying the knowledge acquired during the studies in a professional setting.
Brief description of the course
Practice takes place during the third semester of studies, unless agreed otherwise with the responsible lecturer.
Each student is assigned a supervisor at the host organisation where the practice is going to take place.
During practice, the student should work on a concrete, preferably novel or experimental project.

The time allocation of the practice is as follows:
Securing a practice placement at a host organisation, composing a practice work plan - 8 hours
Practice at the host organisation, compiling a practice diary - 140 hours
Compiling the practice report, including the overview of the practice, the practice diary, the student’s self-assessment and the evaluation of the supervisor from the hosting organisation - 8 hours.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- applies knowledge, skills, experience in a professional setting;
- acquires new learning through challenging and meaningful activities;
- reflects on the content and the process of the learning experience;
- demonstrates professional skills in the workplace;
- builds and maintains positive professional relationships;
- demonstrates awareness of community and/or organisational issues;
- identifies, clarifies and/or confirms a professional direction as it relates to academic studies and future career path;
- develops self-understanding, self-discipline, maturity and confidence;
- develops strong networking/mentoring relationships.
Ilja Šmorgun
Additional information
Each student is required to individually find a host organisation and agree on the terms of the practice placement.

The arrangement with the host organisation is formalised in the practice work plan, which describes:
The period, during which practice will take place;
The role that the student will assume at the host organisation, including the list of tasks and responsibilities;
The name and the position of the supervisor from the host organisation.

During practice, the student is required to lead a practice diary that includes a daily description of the activities, tasks and time allocation. The diary should be self-analytical, illustrating the student’s capability to address ongoing tasks and issues and a reflection on the relevance of the theoretical knowledge acquired during studies for helping to address ongoing practice-related challenges.

A practice report (5-10 pages) is composed by the end of the practice at the host organisation and includes:
A title page;
An overview of the practice, including the duration of the practice, the description of the host organisation, the goals of the practice, the details about the practice supervisor;
The practice diary, including the description of the tasks performed during the practice, the dates and times during which the tasks were performed;
Self-assessment of the student;
Assessment of the practice supervisor from the host organisation.

Students are expected to submit the following practice documents:
Practice work plan before the beginning of the practice at the host organisation;
Practice report after the successful completion of the practice at the host organisation.

All individual assignments are graded as pass or fail. The course is passed, if all individual assignments are submitted on time and are successfully passed.