ICT Procurements and Contracts
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ICT Procurements and Contracts
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Course aims
An aim of the course is to introduce and give first practical knowledge about the contracts and procurement processes in ICT area for obtaining software licences, development, maintenance, training, consultancy, audit etc. The main ICT processes of contract composition, analysis or conclusion and needs assessment will be introduced.
Brief description of the course
General principles of procurement: transparency, sustainability, cost effectiveness, requirements of the national policy.
Preparation of a procurement: the need for procurement, contract preparation, cost analysis, procurement process (ISO 12207), IT architecture, requirements, software evaluation, software development, support.
Agreement preparation: choice of procurement procedure, the contract terms.
Conduct of procurement: announcement and opening of tenders, tender price and analysis of the results, vendor selection, project / service supervision.
Agreements principles: Estonian and EU regulations. ICT contracts - license agreements (proprietary and free software), IS development, maintenance and service, sales, support services. Open standards.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- is able to apply the procurement procedures, the contents of which are: needs analysis, technical requirements, market analysis, supplier selection, bid analysis, contract negotiation and contract.
a) knows the typical conditions of the contract (deadlines, prices,..)
b) is able to analyse and monitor the needs and requirements throughout the procurement process,
c) is able to act in accordance with the organisation's procurement policy,
d) knows financial models (for example such as the terms of payment),
e) is able to analyse the resulting proposals / tenders,
f) is able to manage the procurement process execution,
g) knows the problems related to outsourcing of services.

Course graduate can negotiate a contract project in accordance with the organisation's processes. Ensures timely delivery of goods and services, compliance with the quality requirements and agreed service levels. Deals with non-compliances, generalises the important problems, initiate recovery plans and, where appropriate, adjusts contracts. Evaluates the supplier's compliance with the legislation, workplace protection and security requirements. Actively change information with supplier.
a) knows the applicable service level agreements,
b) knows the organisation's policies and procedures for contract management,
c) knows applicable laws and best practices for ICT contracts.,
d) is able to promote positive relationships with suppliers and customers,
e) is able to negotiate contract terms,
f) is able to make decisions at the time of contract negotiations, and to use flexibility according to the organisation's rules and policies,
g) is able to implement the contract management procedures.
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