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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
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Course aims
The goal of this subject is to learn how marketing and information technology can be aligned in organization. Students are expected to be capable working in jobs requiring to interact with marketing or communication team or participating in them. The course will help student to understand the functions of marketing in modern organization and how information technology can support the marketing. The graduate of this subject is expected to choose and use e-marketing tools, analyze the effect of tools and modify them by himself.
Brief description of the course
The lectures will give a short introduction to marketing history and overview from vocabulary used: 4P, Customer, Segment, Market, etc.
The potential of internet market and current situation is introduced. Main tools for Internet marketing are looked into: SEO, SEM, newsletter, website, social media, podcast, RSS, m-marketing, affiliate marketing.
Internet marketing and advertising: CTR, CPM, etc.
Analysing the benefits and ROI of internet marketing.
Independent work
Student reads and analyzes two articles about internet marketing. Student will give a short (no more than 10 minutes) overview about article message and key findings to fellow students. The overview is followed by question and answer session about the topic. The second article is also analyzed and student must prepare at least three questions that are presented to fellow student and teacher at least three days before lecture.
Student prepares a marketing promotion plan using internet marketing tools for self chosen product, idea, organization or person. Also he reviews another students plan to point out strengths and weaknesses of presented plan.
Learning outcomes in the course
Ability to formulate an internet marketing plan;
Able to transform marketing plan into actions;
Can understand the internet marketing vocabulary, framework and can use them in daily activities.
Assessment methods
20% open answer test that will take place after the studies to evaluate the understanding of marketing vocabulary and terms.
40% analysation, presentation and prepared questions of scientific article.
40% promotional plan and analyzation of fellow students promotional plan.
Mihkel Mikkelsaar
Prerequisite course 1
Study literature
Margus Piik 2008 Internetiturunduse vajalikkus, võimalused ja praktikad Eesti ettevõtete ekspordi edendamisel;
Kirthi Kalyanam, Shelby McIntyre 2002 The E-Marketing Mix: A Contribution of the E-Tailing Wars;
Henrik Aavik 2010 Praktiline internetiturundus
Replacement literature
Philip Kotler 2003 Turunduse vaatenurgad A-st Z-ni.