Russian Émigré Culture
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Vene diasporaa kultuur
Course title in English
Russian Émigré Culture
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Irina Belobrovtseva (vene keel) tavaline kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
This course aims at making a survey in all three waves of Russian emigration with an emphasis on the 20th century Russian émigré culture, and the Russian language of the present-day Russian Diaspora.
Brief description of the course
First wave: Causes, centers, literary output. Major cultural centers, émigré periodicals. Russian literature and culture of the First Estonian Republic. Second wave: Some literary contacts between post-War and pre-War émigrés. Third wave: Its major representatives in literature and arts. The language of Russia abroad.
Independent work
Independent work: At least one course-related essay; syllabus-related reading.
Learning outcomes in the course
Deep encyclopedic knoweledge of the Diaspora language and culture.
Assessment methods
Aurika Meimre
Study literature
Раев М. Россия за рубежом: История культуры русской эмиграции (1919-1939). М., 2004.

Меймре А. Русские литераторы-эмигранты в Эстонии в 1918-1940 гг.: На материале периодической печати. Таллинн, 2001.
Replacement literature
Струве Г. П. Русская литература в изгнании: Опыт исторического обзора зарубежной литературы. Париж, М., 1996.
Pachmuss, T. Russian Literature in the Baltic between the World Wars. Columbus, 1988.
Raeff, M. Russia Abroad: A Cultural History of the Russian Emigration (1919-1939). Oxford, 1990.