Principals of Behavioural
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Principals of Behavioural
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
The course is designed to cover and educate on the basic principals of operant conditioning. It is an introductory Course in Behaviorism as described by B.F. Skinner and taught in the context of addressing the instructional needs of persons with a developmental or intelectual disability.
Brief description of the course
Educate Students on Basic Princpals of Behavior as Described by Richard Malott in the book Principals of Behavior. The course will cover concepts such as Reinforcment, Punishment, and Extinction. The course will cover procedures that use the previously mentioned concepts such as differential reinforcment, differential punishment, anctecedant based procedures, and concepts that support these procedures such as motivating operations, consquence based learning, and other topics that pertain to classical condtioning as described by B.F. Skinner.
Independent work
Read the Chapter Assigned for each week: Memorize the Definitions for each Chapter.
Learning outcomes in the course
Understand and Describe:
Reinfrocment: (Positive Reinforcment)
Escape: (Negative Reinformcnet)
Punishment: (Postive Punishment)
Penalty: (Negative Punishment)
Diferential Reinforcment & Punishment:
Unlearned Reinforcers and Aversive Conditions:
Establishing Operations:
Learned and Unlearned Reinforcers:
Complex Stimulus Control:
Respodent Conditioning:
Assessment methods
Grading matrix based on
Praticpation, Professionalism, Quizz Score,
Kyle Mokma Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst
Replacement literature
“Principals Of Behavior”, by Richard Malott