Youth Policy and Regulation of Youth Work
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Noortepoliitika ja noorsootöö korraldus
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Youth Policy and Regulation of Youth Work
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
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Course aims
Provide an overview of youth policy in Estonia and elsewhere in the world, and corresponding legislation. Introducing youth structures and their organization both in Estonia and abroad. Provide opportunities for youth participation in youth policy processes. To support the development of young people's understanding of the links between politics of everyday youth work.
Brief description of the course
Principles of youth policies. The role of youth in society. The subjects of youth policy and the formation of their political decisions in Estonia. Youth bylaws. The structure of youth work. Youth work at different levels. Youth participation. Quality of youth work. Youth worker’s competencies and professional standard. The development of youth work in Estonia.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- is familiar with the most important youth-related laws and regulations and is able to use them in their activities;
- understands the nature of youth policy and its main factors;
- knows the structures of youth work and their organization;
- has an overview of developments in this field both in Estonia and abroad;
- knows youth organizations active at different levels (municipality, county, state, European Union, World), and is able to create with them thematic ties.
Ilona-Evelyn Rannala
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