Intercultural Dialogue and Youth Work in a Multicultural Environment
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Kultuuridevaheline dialoog ja noorsootöö mitmekultuurilises keskkonnas
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Intercultural Dialogue and Youth Work in a Multicultural Environment
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
- create opportunities for the formation of broad-based knowledge of various cultural spaces in the world, and for applying this knowledge in analyzing of specific problems;
- to give knowledge of multi-layered and multi-cultural, fast-changing world; - create preconditions for relations with representatives of different cultural spaces, to develop the ability to be culturally sensitive;
- to give an overview of basic areas of multicultural youth work to provide students with basic knowledge and skills needed for the youth work in multicultural environment
- develop knowledge and skills for using methods of multicultural youth work
Brief description of the course
During the course, students learn what the multi-cultural and rapidly changing world is about. In this world, one of the most important skills is how to change and evolve themselves, but still to stay recognizable as myself. Students learn cross-cultural peculiarities and nuances, how to note and use them in the youth work. The aim of the course is to give an introductory overview of youth work in multucultural environment paying particular attention to the following questions: what is multicultural environment, what kind of relations affect multicultural environment, what should be taken into account in the process of organizing multicultural youth work, how to ensure success of joint activities.
Independent work
Students work through the course on compulsory lecture material and literature, and do two works on a given topic.
Independent work 1. Video. The work gives a maximum of 20% of the final grade

Work in a group (3-4 people). The job is to shoot a short video on "Multicultural dialogue and youth work in a multicultural environment". The theme is general, so creators have the opportunity to apply their creativity.

Independent work 2. A personal portfolio on intercultural experiences. 30% of the final grade.

Seminars. 20% of the final grade. Familiarization with the lecturer's suggested material on cultural diversity and active participation in seminars.
Learning outcomes in the course
By the end of the course, students:
- have obtained the knowledge on multiplicity of cultures and know how to orientate in today's multicultural world;
- are familiar with the specificities of different cultures in the world, their
- acknowledge the diversity of values;
- are able to use terminology and definitions needed for intercultural dialogue;
- have obtained knowledge and skills needed for the youth work in the multicultural environment;
- know how to use the methods of multicultural youth work.
Assessment methods
Students participate in lectures, two seminars, one study visit and make three autonomous work
Participating in seminars and training visit is mandatory.
The final assessment is based on written papers and seminar presentations as follows:
Participation in seminars 20%
Independant work 20%
Portfolio 30%
Exam 30%
Tanja Dibou