Project Management Software
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Projektijuhtimise tarkvara
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Project Management Software
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
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Course aims
Core subject of the minor "Project management". To give an overview of computer programs in project management, to train their usage. To develop an ability to choose the tools in project management according to the concrete project.
Brief description of the course
The introduction to project management software. MS Project: risk and cost analysis. Timetabels, network diagrams, sub- and main projects, changing the duration of a project, allocation of resources, compiling schedules, calenders, controlling the work flow, calculation and controlling of costs.
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Upon completing the course the student:
Arvutipraktikumid. Iseseisva tööna tuleb sooritada teste praktikumis käsitletud teemadel.
õp Martin Sillaots
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