Project Preparation
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Projekti ettevalmistamine
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Project Preparation
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
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Course aims
Core subject of the minor Project management. To develop students skill in independently preparing and compiling projects. Giving an overview of the basics of project work and practical experience from applying the methods of project work and compiling the project plan.
Brief description of the course
The concept of project, types and history. Projects in organisations. The structure of a project organisation. The phases, inputs and outputs of a project. Identification phase: problem analysis, development of ideas. Preliminary study: market-research, risk analysis, SWOT-matrix. Formulation of project objectives. Project proposal, competition. Planning phase and compiling the plan: developing the activity schedule, the budget, planning the human resources and the quality management system. Planning communication, information and co-ordination systems, leadership strategy and management tactics. Decisions about the realisation of the plan and implementing the project.
lekt Sigrid Salla
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