Russian Literature and Culture in 20-th Century
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20. sajandi vene kirjandus ja kultuur
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Russian Literature and Culture in 20-th Century
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Course aims
Core subject. The aim is to introduce the students to 20th century way of life, education, art and literature.
Brief description of the course
“Silver age” – the time of Russian avangarde. Soviet age - bloom of art and theatre in 1920ies, difficulties in 1930ies, crisis in 1940ies. Stalin’s repressions from 1930ies till1953rd. Literature and censorship in Soviet Russia. „Thaw” – Renaissance in culture. Stagnation and the role of culture, especially theatre during it. Repressive politics till the end of USSR. „Remembered” writers. Culture during the last years of Soviet state. Nowadays Russian literature and culture.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Knowledge and capacity of student’s to analize the features of 20th century Russian literature and culture.
Lekt. Anna Gubergrits, PhD