Cultural Aspects of Translating, Ethnology and Ethno-Rhetorics
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Tõlkimise kulturoloogilised aspektid, etnoloogia ja etnoretoorika
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Cultural Aspects of Translating, Ethnology and Ethno-Rhetorics
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Course aims
Cultural aspects of translation, ethnology and ethno-rhetorical basics, the knowledge of which contribute to improve linguistic and cultural competences.
Brief description of the course
Cultural and socio-linguistic aspects of translation. Culture as a multilayered phenomenon. Cultural differences and translation. Language as a social and cultural education. Translation and world of a language. Translation of cultural and ethnic terms. Translation of rhetorical structures. Translation and cultural adaptation of issues.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
The knowledge of theoretical bases of the subject and a demonstration of acquired skills.
Jelena Baljasnaja, MA