Basic Course in Political Philosophy
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Poliitikafilosoofia põhikursus
Course title in English
Basic Course in Political Philosophy
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
Nikolai Kunitsõn (inglise keel) tavaline kursus
lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
Developing students intellectual capacities of political science in the field of the political thinking. Acquiring basic knowledge of the development and ideas related to modern political thought.
Brief description of the course
The course is an introductory one at BA level. Students are acquainted with the ideas of figures in the history of political thought (Platon, Aristoteles, Hobbes. etc.) The concept that has contributed to modern emerging of modern political thinking will be under discussion.
Independent work
Acquiring course material; preparation and participation in seminars; written assignments; preparation for the final exam.
Learning outcomes in the course
Good acquaintance with the main thinkers of the past;
Learning the main ideas related to philosophical argumentation in the field of politics;
Ability to practise the main elements of political philosophic thinking
Assessment methods
Graded examination
Peeter Selg
Study literature
Jonathan Wolff, An Introduction to Political Philosophy. Oxford University Press, 1996.
Colin Hay, Political Analysis: A Critical Introduction. Palgrave, 2002, Ch. 5.

Seminaride tekstid antiik-, uus- ja kaasaegsete käsitluste kohta seoses peamiselt nelja Lääne poliitilise filosoofia põhimõistega: vabadus, võim, õiglus, demokraatia.
Replacement literature
Seminaride tekstid
Wolff, J. (2005). Sissejuhatus poliitikafilosoofiasse. Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus.
Jüri Lipping, “Saatesõna”, raamatust “Kaasaegne poliitiline filosoofia. Valik esseid.” Veljesto 2002.
Leo Strauss, "Mis on poliitiline filosoofia?" raamatust “Kaasaegne poliitiline filosoofia. Valik esseid.” Veljesto 2002.
Tanel Vallimäe ja Peeter Selg, "Liberalistlik sissejuhatus poliitilisse filosoofiasse." Akadeemia nr 5/2008, 1114 - 1126
Peeter Selg, "Kes kardab John Rawlsi?" Akadeemia nr 8/2010, 1401-1428.