Global terrorism
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Globaalne terrorism
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Global terrorism
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autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
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Course aims
The aim of this course is to give an overview of the key factors and processes that shape global terrorism as well as the impact terrorism has globally. During the course, the distinction between „old“ and „new“ terrorism will be presented. Additionally this course will provide a framework for analyzing terrorism, enabling the placement of single terrorist acts into a larger picture of motivating factors and processes
Brief description of the course
The course first defines various concepts of terrorism, its origins, development in history. Further, the course includes 9/11, Madrid, London and other more contemporary cases. The factors, processes, and other events that have enabled terrorism to happen will be discussed. The course will conclude by studying the impact of terrorism as well as counter terrorism strategies used.
Independent work
The students will be required to read the compulsory literature as well as complete written assignments, including a final essay.
Learning outcomes in the course
The student is able to understand the factors that enable terrorism to happen. The student is able to analyze the impact that terrorism has on global politics.
Assessment methods
The grade will be based on written assignments. For informaiton on the specific assignments please check the current course program.
Miks Aaltola
Study literature
• Walter Laqueur. A History of Terrorism. NY, 2002
• Gary LaFree, Laura Dugan and Erin Miller. Putting Terrorism in Context Lessons from the Global Terrorism Database. Routledge, 2015
Replacement literature
• Lutz and Lutz. 2013. Global Terrorism. 3rd edition. Routledge press.
• Miller. 2013. The foundations of modern terrorism : state, society and the dynamics of political violence. Cambridge University
• Zafirovski. 2013. Modernity and terrorism : from anti-modernity to modern global terror. Leiden press.
• Boaz Ganor. Global Alert: The Rationality of Modern Islamist Terrorism and the Challenge to the Liberal Democratic World. Columbia University Press, 2015