Comparative Politics
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Võrdlev poliitika
Course title in English
Comparative Politics
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Course aims
The aim of the course is to give an introductory treatment on the theories and development of comparative politics in selected countries.
Brief description of the course
Comparison of political systems. An overview of the main political trends in selected countries. The main theories, which shape our understandings of comparative politics.
Concentrated overviews of the topics will be given in lectures. The topics will be deepened by students’ independent work, which involves exploring literature, preparing for discussions in seminars, etc., including independent home assignments (i.e. essays). Students prepare for exam.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows and navigates the basic terminology and primciples of comparative politics;
- can differentaite political systems and knows the basic characteristics of their structure;
- knows the political system of main western powers (USA, France, Great Britain, Germany), their characteristics and structure.
Tõnis Saarts