Internationalization, Multiculturalism and the Challenges for Business Management
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Rahvusvahelistumine, multikultuurilisus ja ärijuhtimise väljakutsed
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Internationalization, Multiculturalism and the Challenges for Business Management
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Course aims
Objective is to expose students to selected topics in the area of managing in a multicultural environment. Students will learn about the challenges that managers of both domestic and international businesses face in managing across cultural boundaries. The course will focus on the impact of culture at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation. It will demonstrate how cultural factors influence behaviours in the workplace, and develop skills needed to manage effectively in cross-cultural situations.
Brief description of the course
The following topics will be covered: fundamental dimensions of culture, how culture affects behaviour, cognition, motivation, and emotion in organisations, cross-cultural communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, management of a multi-cultural workforce and the impact of group heterogeneity/homogeneity on various group performance aspects.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student...
By the end of this course, students will:
- be able to use the tools (models, frameworks) in order to analyse and appreciate critical incidents in multicultural business settings;
- be able to build bridges between people from different cultures in an international negotiation situation;
- anticipate and manage the cultural issues that will likely arise when people from any two cultures do business;
- develop skills relevant to managers of multinational corporations, as well as those operating in other dimensions of business.
Professor Anastassia Zabrodskaja