Family as a Child´s Development Environment
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Perekond lapse arengukeskkonnana
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Family as a Child´s Development Environment
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Spring semester
Auli Andersalu-Targo (language of instruction:Estonian)
lecturer of 2023/2024 Autumn semester
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Course aims
To support the development of knowledge about the functioning of the family as a system of relationships as a child developmental environment and the ability of the teacher to apply family-based knowledge in their daily work.
Brief description of the course
The family system as an influence on the child's development. Cycles of family-life. Healthy hierarchy and structure within the family. Quality of relationships within the family system. Relational triangles within and outside the family system and their effects in the context of kindergarten. Multigenerational transmission processes as influences on child development. Divorce and blended families. Teacher ethics and boundaries in working with family systems.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- is familiar with the patterns of family functioning as influencing the development of the child;
- regards relationships around the child as a resource for development;
- is able to support the child's development through cooperation with parents in family system;
- analyses their own family system and is aware of the relationship patterns within their core family and family of origin;
- understands the ethical boundaries in a teacher's work within family systems.
Auli Andersalu-Targo