Linguistic and Literary Analysis
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Teksti lingvistiline ja kirjanduslik analüüs
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Linguistic and Literary Analysis
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
To create the preconditions for the learning of the main terms and methods in German literary theory and linguistics. To support the ability of interpreting and analysing different kinds of texts by using the theoretical ja methodological framework introduced in the course.
Brief description of the course
Why are there different methods of literary analysis and how are they connected to the broader cultural context in German speaking countries (positivism, social historical method, psychoanalysis, structuralism, gender studies etc)? How to define research questions for interpreting literary texts? Terminology used in literary studies and its implementation in text analysis.
How to analyse oral and written use of language (texts)? Main areas of research, main terms and methods of linguistics in German and their implementation in text analysis.
Combined lectures and seminars. The materials (incl texts to be analysed and the presentations of the conducting lecturer) are mostly in German; the discussions in the seminars can be held in Estonian as well as in German)
Learning outcomes in the course
The students will acquire knowledge about basic terminology and most important methods of literary analysis from the point of view of German traditions and will be able to interpret literary texts by implementing theoretical knowledge.
The students will aquire knowledge about basic terminology of German linguistics and about main methods of analysis. They will aquire competencies in linguistic text analysis.
Maris Saagpakk
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