French Literature in the 20th Century
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Prantsuse 20. sajandi kirjandus
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French Literature in the 20th Century
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Course aims
Knowledge about more important authors and literary schools in the 20th century France.
Brief description of the course
The themes may vary. For ex. surrealism, le nouveau roman, existentialism, the theme of war in literature, etc. Still, the general overview of the 20th century literature is also given.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has knowledge about some schools of literature and authors of the 20th century France;
- has capacity to analyse works of literature on the bases of the prevalent esthetics of a certain school and in their social context;
- has ability to analyse the works of literature on the bases of contemporary literary theory and methods.
Kaia Sisask
Prerequisite course 1