Readings from French Literature in the 20th Century
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Prantsuse 20.sajandi kirjanduse lektüür
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Readings from French Literature in the 20th Century
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
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Course aims
Reading and discussing important texts by 20th century French authors in the original language. The course is meant to complete the theoretical course on the 20th century French literature in Estonian.
Brief description of the course
Reading and discussing extracts from the following works: Proust ”A la Recherche du temps perdu”, Valéry ”Monsieur Teste”, Gide ”Les Nourritures terrestres”, Claudel ”Partage du midi”, Mauriac ”L'Agneau”, Apollinaire ”La chanson du Mal-aimé”, Breton, Eluard, Aragon (poetry), Sartre (”Huis clos”, ”La Nausée”), Beauvoir ”Le deuxième sexe”, Camus ”Le mythe de Sisyphe” ”L'Etranger”, Ionesco ”Rhinocéros” Beckett ”En attendant Godot”, Cocteau ”Orphée”, Robbe-Grillet, ”Djinn” Céline ”Mort à crédit”, Vian ”L'Ecume des jours”, Queneau ”Exercices de style”, Le Clézio ”Le procès-verbal”, Yourcenar ”l'Oeuvre au noir”, Duras ”L'Amant”.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Knowledge of the above-mentioned authors and their work.
Capacity to read and analyse texts in French.
Ability to discuss the style and language of a literary work, its pertinence to a certain movement in literature.
Capacity to analyse a poem according to the main cathegories of metrics.
Kaia Sisask (PhD)