Milestones in French Literature
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Prantsuse kirjanduse suured raamatud
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Milestones in French Literature
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
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Course aims
To obtain a knowledge of French Literature through an excursus concerning some of the most important writers from the XVIth century to our days.

Brief description of the course
This course is an introduction to the most important writers in French literature from the XVI century to our days. In addition to a general view on the historical background and the biographical evolution of authors in French literature, the course will focus on the reading, understanding and analyses of some of the most important works of French literature. More particularly, we will examine some of them exploring, from different points of view, specific subjects such as: (i) the relationship between man and time; (ii) the exploration, search and construction of Self; (iii) the values, configurations and characters’ evolution; (iv) the perceptions and expression of feelings; (v) some space configurations and subjective formations.
lekt. Kaia Sisask (PhD)