English Morphology
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Inglise keele morfoloogia
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English Morphology
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Course aims
This is a foundational course in the grammar of English with the focus on morphology. The key topics center on words and their structure, interactions between morphology and syntax, and between morphology and the lexicon.
Brief description of the course
This foundational course provides an in-depth approach to English morphology. The topics covered include the concept of word, word and its parts, bound and free morphemes, ways of classifying word parts, a word and its forms (inflection), regular and irregular inflection; a word and its relatives (derivation); issues related to compounds vs. phrases; word and its structure; productivity (formal and semantic regularity), productivity in compounding; characteristics of Germanic and non-Germanic derivation; fashions in morphology; words in English and in languages generally. Great emphasis is placed on practical excercises which are also assigned as independent work in the course homepage in Moodle.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows the relevant technical terminology related to the topics discussed, has a comprehensive overview of English word structure and formation;
- is able to discuss issues related to morphology and identify its interactions between syntax and the lexicon.
Merilin Miljan, PhD
The course is a prerequisite