Social Theories on Media and Social Media
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Ühiskonnateooriad meediast ja sotsiaalmeediast
Course title in English
Social Theories on Media and Social Media
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
To create the prerequisites for understanding the
positions of communication and media in contemporary
social theories, understanding different theories and their
interrelations. To create the prerequisites for
understanding the development of communication and
media, the history of social thought, and media and social
Brief description of the course
The course is structured as an introduction to the most
influential theories of society of the second half of the
20th century — the 21st century influencing the media
and recent developments in the area. As an independent
work, the authors' texts in a foreign and the Estonian
languages will be familiarized with, as well as the
theoretical approaches to the authors according to the
study material of the programme. The course consists of
the lectures and seminars, where the views of individual
authors are discussed on the basis of student
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student...
After completing the course, the students will be familiar
with the media positions of the more influential social
theories in the second half of the 20th century and the
21st century, understand and analyse their interrelations
and implications in the history, social and media
practices of social thought and communication.
Katrin Tiidenberg
Additional information
van Dijk, J. (2013). The Culture of Connectivity: A
Critical History of Social Media, Oxford University
Press: Oxford, New York.
Gillespie, T. (2018). Custodians of the Internet.
Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden
Decisions that Shape Social Media, Yale University
Press: New Haven, London.
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