Creative Entrepreneurship
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Creative Entrepreneurship
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lecturer of 2023/2024 Spring semester
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lecturer of 2024/2025 Autumn semester
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Course aims
The aim of this course is to develop a fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship. This will help you to craft your ‘entrepreneurial self’. There will be plenty of room for practical experimentation and critical reflection of the entrepreneurial process for the creative and media industries.
Brief description of the course
Topics: The topics of the course include, but are not limited to, the entrepreneurial self and team, reflections about the media industry and entrepreneurial opportunities, new venture ideation and experimentation, business modeling, as well as, entrepreneurial communication and pitching.

Scope: These topics support the students’ fundamental understanding of entrepreneurship and enable them to think and act entrepreneurially. The focus is on idea generation and elaboration.

This course was co-developed by Tallinn University, Jönköping International Business School, Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development, and Munster Technological University within the framework of the ScreenME project (
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows contemporary approaches to entrepreneurship;
- understands the nature of creative and media entrepreneurship, different forms, opportunities;
- is able to analyze the different business models of creative and media entrepreneurship;
- identify, craft, and pitch venture ideas in response to economic, social, and cultural opportunities;
- evaluate the feasibility and market potential of venture opportunities;
- reflect critically and independently as well as understand challenges and opportunities connected to the entrepreneurial process;
- craft their own ‘entrepreneurial mindset’ by developing social skills in different contexts;
- demonstrate an entrepreneurial attitude towards solving problems creatively.
Britta Gössel
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