Film History I
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Filmikunsti ajalugu I
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Film History I
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Course aims
The course Film History aims at chronologically retracing the development of cinematographic art in Europe and in the United States.
Brief description of the course
Starting from the very first projection in 1895 the course follows the main developments and tendencies in narrative cinema, from a technological, esthetical, cultural and political point of view. After the students have required basic knowledge about the subject they should be enabled to relate the historic framework to the current state of the art and identify the main tendencies of the future. This introduction course finally also describes and analyses the common points and differences between American and the European cinema. The first part of the course Film History 1 covers the development of narrative films from 1895 until the 1960s.

Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student...
-Contextual understanding of the first 70 years of cinema
-Knowledge of the key films, directors and film movements
-Understanding of the technical features of the films
-Improved film analysis skills

Dirk Hoyer, MA