Life Style and Safe Environment/Community
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Tervislik eluviis ja turvaline keskkond
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Life Style and Safe Environment/Community
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
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Course aims
Competence for development of healthy life style and healthy school environment.
Brief description of the course
Life style, heritage, environment and medical help in health. Planning of healthy life style. The risk factors of „Life style diseases”: Cardiovascular disease, cancer etc. Health tests. Life expectancy. Health trends. Healthy nutrition. The role of motivation in choosing healthy food. Nutrition pyramid. Healthy nutrition guidelines. Prevention of „nutrition diseases”, body image and self esteem.
Fitness. Training and health (Considering all health aspects) Aerobic activities and healthy norms. Criteria for choosing healthy sport activity.
Basic knowledge for life style and environment education in schools. Relationship of health and environment. Stress prevention concept in health education. Emotional stress and positive thinking skills.
Strategy for injury prevention. Safe community concept. Risk factors and safe behaviour. Development of safe environment.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Is able to explain the connection between lifestyle, environment, heritage, medicine and health. Is able to explain the risk and protective factors of „lifestyle diseases”. Is able to understand the related terminology;
Analyses health trends in the context of health research;
Is able to choose a health menu, knows basic guidelines of healthy nutrition;
Is able to explain the criteria of healthy exercise;
Is able to explain the connection between decision making, behaviour, environment and health, is able to choose the healthiest possible living environment;
Explains the strategy for injury prevention and development of safe community; is able to give examples of traffic injury and violence prevention activities;
Knows main principles of stress management.
M. Alas , R.Vokk