Violence Prevention and Healthy Relationship
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Vägivalla vähendamine ja terve suhe
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Violence Prevention and Healthy Relationship
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Course aims
Competency for development of healthy relationships and for teaching family education.
Brief description of the course
Criteria for healthy relationships. Ethical, emotional, social and personal aspects of a relationship. Desires and basic needs. Communication skills: critical life skills. Honesty and openness as prerequisites for healthy relationships. Active listening skills and conflict mediation. Win-win conflict resolution. Violence prevention strategy. Self-confidence. Issues of family law. Sexuality and relationship. New family member. Addiction and family. Co-addiction. Family member with special needs. Problem solving. Avoiding communication stones. Active listening skills in counselling methology. Peer education counselling program. Emergency help. Healthy behaviour and violence education. Growth of relationship.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Is able to explain criteria of healthy relationship and the ethical, emotional, social, intellectual and physical aspects of relationship.
Is able to differ desires from basic human needs and explain their role in relationship
Is able to use active listening skills in peer counselling methodology and act as conflict mediator.
Demonstrates win-win technique in conflict resolution
Explains basic principles of problem solving in relationship and where/how to get help
Is able to explain violence prevention strategy for school environment and for self protection.
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