Supportive Factors in Prevention of Dependency
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Kaitsefaktorid sõltuvusainetest hoidumiseks
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Supportive Factors in Prevention of Dependency
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Course aims
Competency in preventing additions in school environment.
Brief description of the course
Addiction. Gate drugs. Motivation. Avoiding legal and illegal drugs: smoking, alcohol, drug addiction. Myths and attitudes. Peer pressure and addictive behaviour. Critical life skills in drug education: how to say “no”, managing feelings, objectives in life. Short and long term effects of addiction to all aspects of health: physical, emotional, ethical, intellectual, social, personal. Basic knowledge for school drug education. Addiction problems and how to get help.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Explains the meaning of addiction and how it is visible in youth behaviour.
Names gate drugs, reasons for using them and the principles of developing motivation.
Is able to separate myths from facts with regards to smoking, alcohol and drug abuse.
Demonstrates critical life skills (second level).
Explains the how addiction affects different aspects of health: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, ethical and personal.
Is able to solve problems and to knows the ways to find help.
M.Alas (A.Talu, S.Blumberg)