Health Promotion in School
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Tervisedendus koolis
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Health Promotion in School
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Course aims
In the end of the course students have skills for planning and implementation school health promotion activities according to international criteria for good school health promotion practice.
Brief description of the course
Community health. Institutional health promotion. European Health promoting schools. HP school components. WHO guidelines. Planning, implementation and simple evaluation of school health policy. Principles of HP schools and kindergartens. Concept for behaviour change: critical life skills. Factor of availability and health behaviour. Advertisement, other media and law regulations role in health behaviour. Development of healthy school environment. Project method in school health. Universal prevention model programmes: needs assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation. Peer education methodology, examples.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Explains international criteria for good health promotion practices according to community and school environment.
Describes criteria for effective Health Promotion strategy for schools, giving Estonian examples and explains WHO guidelines for HP schools
Explains the role of laws and media in shaping health behaviour
Plans HP actions for six most common risk behaviours according to universal prevention principles.
Is able to explain the methology of peer education and the principles of intersectoral cooperation.
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