Bases of Health Sport
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Tervisespordi alused
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Bases of Health Sport
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Course aims
To give students knowledge about basics of health sport , their influence to health and different sport fields.

Brief description of the course
Fitness is type of training with the objective of improving or maintaining motor.Many different fitness programs each based on different concepts of physical fitness.Special method of strength training which the training load increases and then decreases one step at the time during an exercise sequence. Endurance training and health.Health control and importance of health control.Pulse rate and load.Overload.Swimming like healthsport.Overload syndrom in swimming.
Rehabilitation:The treatment and psyhical activity provided to restore functional ability after a disability.Training principles.Nutrition.Stretching.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has acquired knowledge of the importance of regular physical activity for the health, ability to work and psyche of the body;
- is able to critically evaluate the negative effects of low movement on the body;
- is able to apply theoretical knowledge in the field of movement and sports, with the aim to methodically engage in sports, move more in everyday life, prevent illness and injury, strengthen one's psyche.
Kirsti Pedak