Quality System in Laboratory
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Kvaliteedi süsteem laboris
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Quality System in Laboratory
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Course aims
The course deals with the main principles and procedures necessary to achieve quality in chemical analysis. The course offers practical skillsand experience.

Brief description of the course
The main principles of the quality in the analytical chemistry laboratory. Definitions related to the quality of analytical measurement. Uncertainty in analytical measurement. ISO methods to evaluate uncertainty in measurements. Analytical method: choice and definitions. Validation of analytical methods. Selection of laboratory equipment. Sources of errors. Sampling. Types of samples. Quality of samples. Requirements for analysis. Presentation of data. Interlaboratory studies. Calculation of z number. Certified standards. Regulatory aspects of quality control and quality assurance. Documentation. Acreditation of laboratories. Practical laboratory works for quality evaluation and estimation of measurement uncertainty. Related data handling.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has dnowledge of good laboratory practice (how to prepare and carry out chemical analysis in laboratory and how to handle chemical waste);
- has knowledge to evaluate and to prove quality;
- has ability to use appropriate statistical methods;
- has improved the knowledge of Exel and an ability to write raports.
PhD Kert Martma, MSc Margit Kaldmäe