Environmental Geology
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Environmental Geology
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Course aims
This course examines the relationship between the geological processes and environmental issues including geologic hazards, waste disposal, and environmental pollution of geologic environments.
Brief description of the course
Overwiev of the geological structure of the Earth, internal and external Earth processes (plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes), mineral resources. Oil shale as the most important mineral resource of Estonia: the problems of exploitation and environmental pollution. Possibilities for alternative energy. The study of the interactions between geologic processes (weathering, erosion etc.) and environment, particularly where such interactions are influenced by human activities. Formation of groundwater and problems connected with water pollution. Coastal processes and shoreline management. Soil formation and main soil types in Estonia Environmental geology as "applied" geology - brings collective geologic knowledge to bear on problems that are important to people.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- is able to understand environmental processes and human impact on the environment;
- can apply the scientific knowledge about the geologic hazards in terms of how they are produced, where and why they occur and how to minimize their threat to human life and property;
- can identify the main problems connected with oil shale minings in Estonia;
- is aware of groundwater pollution problems, distinguish the main soil types, discuss about the environmental issuues concerning the alternative energy resources.
lektor Valdeko Palginõmm, MSc