Legal Issues of Records Management
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Dokumendi- ja arhiivihalduse normatiivne keskkond
Course title in English
Legal Issues of Records Management
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Course aims
To create the preconditions for the development of basic knowledge on legal regulations in the field of records management and archiving
Brief description of the course
The main conceptions of law. Implementation of law. The characteristic of Estonian legal system. The development of legal environment for document and archive management.
Archives Act and implementing provisions. Public Information Act and implementing provisions. Response to Memoranda and Requests for Explanations Act. Databases Act and its implementation. Digital Signature Act. Personal Data Protection Act. State Secrets Act. Document and archive management in other legal documents. Correlation of the legal acts on document and archive management with international standards.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- knows the basic concepts of law, records management and archival work, the legal regulations of the field, the corresponding Estonian standards;
- is able to use the issues regulated by these standards in the practical professional work;
- is able to use the legal documents of the field in the everyday professional work environment.
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