Storing and Preservation of Archive Records
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Arhivaalide säilitamine
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Storing and Preservation of Archive Records
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Course aims
To introduce materials used for the archival records and factors which influence ageing of materials and archival records. To provide the main strategy trends and methods for preservation. On completion of the course the student knows which materials are used for the archival+D134 records and their characteristics, can evaluate environment factors on preservation of materials and records, and has an overview of main preservation strategies.
Brief description of the course
Issues and problems in the preservation and conservation of library and archival materials. Underlying factors in the quality of records materials, introduction to paper technology and characteristics of other materials used in book and non-book records and modern information structures. Environmental causes of deterioration and their control, biological agents and their control, disaster preparedness and recovery. Consideration of basic preservation methods in libraries and archives.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
By the end of this course the student should be able:
To demonstrate familiarity with the characteristics of materials used for archive records;
To evaluate the influence of external factors on the archive records preservation;
To create a conceptual frame-work for the construction of preservation plan and management of preservation activities in archives.
K.Konsa PhD