Digital Archiving
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Arhiveerimine elektroonilises keskkonnas
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Digital Archiving
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Autumn semester
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lecturer of 2022/2023 Spring semester
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Course aims
To acquire general knowledge on specifics of archiving in the electronic environment and basic principles of digital archiving.
Acquiring basic skills for preparing digital material for archiving.
Brief description of the course
Main research issues in digital archiving and preservation
Development of digital preservation and curation methods
Significant properties of digital objects
File formats for digital archiving
Storage media issues for digital preservation
Different digital object types and their properties
Digital archiving projects and developments in Estonia
Metadata for digital preservation
Models of digital archives - the OAIS reference model
Risks and trust in digital preservation repositories
Using digital archives
Conclusion: digital archives in the landscape of information management
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
By the end of this course the student should be able:
• Explain the specifics of digital archiving as compared with paper-based archiving and preservation;
• Can evaluate critically different digital preservation methods and strategies;
• Can justify the need for creating a digital archive in an organisation and the benefits it will bring;
• Can determine tasks necessary for archiving and preserving a digital object based on its type and properties;
• Demonstrates the ability to choose between different types of metadata in a digital archive.
R. Ruusalepp