Pedagogical Aspects and Implementation of Mobile Devices
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Nutiseadmete pedagoogilised ja rakenduslikud aspektid
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Pedagogical Aspects and Implementation of Mobile Devices
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
The objective of this course is to introduce different pedagogical aspects and implementation process of using mobile devices as well as to provide necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for using mobile devices in educational context.
Brief description of the course
Overview of different mobile devices and software platforms
Pedagogical models and innovative scenarios using mobile devices
Practical possibilities of mobile devices in learning and teaching
Possible problems of using mobile devices and how to solve them
Mobile devices in the context of privacy and security
Independent work
As an independent work students must write analytical and reflective blogposts about each week topic.
Learning outcomes in the course
- Acquires knowledge about the roles of mobile devices in a learning process;
- Is able to bring on differences, advantages and challenges of different mobile devices
- Is able to combine mobile devices functionalities and implement based on learning objectives and tasks
- Understands the changes of learner’s and teacher’s role in different environments;
- Knows how to prevent and solve problems that may occur using mobile devices
- Acquires knowledge about trends and development of learning environments and networks.
Assessment methods
Exam. Grade consists of following components: practical group works (60%) and independent work (40%). It is mandatory to submit individual and group tasks due date. Participation in contact days is mandatory.
Lili Kesa
Study literature
Loengukonspekt: Kesa, L. (2015). Nutiseadmete pedagoogilised ja rakenduslikud aspektid.
Replacement literature
Ainet pole võimalik läbida ainult asenduskirjanduse alusel.
It’s not possible to pass course based only on replacement literature.