Computer Hardware
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Computer Hardware
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
In this course students will get to know basic knowledge of computer hardware and related terminology. Also the studet will know basic characteristics of hardware components.
Brief description of the course
Digital logic: Principles of mathematics, combinational circuits and sequential circuits. Processor: fetch-decode-execute cycle, structure, RISC and CISC processors, cache, pipeline. Computer memory: classification, hierarhy, technologies, memory organization, static and dynamic memories. Microcomputer hardware: architecture, buses, data transfer, microprocessor supporting components. Input/output devices: keyboard, printers, monitors, mouse, AD and DA converters, sound card. Special hardware: realization, application area.
Independent work
The self-dependent work of students consists in the learning of the theoretical material of the subject and preparing lab assignements.
Learning outcomes in the course
Having finished the study of the subject a student has to be able:
• able to design logic circuits;
• able to compare different processor architectures;
• able to analyze exhange of information in microcomputer;
• is familar with the different computer memorys;
• knows different computer pheripherals;
Assessment methods
The control of knowledges takes place in examinations at the end of a term. For the getting a permission to an examination it is necessary to write control work make practical experiments (30%). In examination are checked theoretical knowledges about computers and computer components (70%) .
Teet Evartson