Practical Work
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Practical Work
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autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Spring semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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Course aims
Develop students ability to solve ICT practical problems independently. Create conditions for self to manage an IT company or department. Create the prerequisites for a understanding of the real functioning of the ICT business. Develop the ability of student to analyze their actions. Support the growth of students social competence (communication, responsibility, teamwork, etc.)
Brief description of the course
Practice will take place in either the public or private institution, in accordance with the rules and established practice of the plan. On the practice student performs tasks given by the practice supervisor. In the practice report student a reflects every workday. After practice an experience will be discussed through on the practice seminar.
Learning outcomes in the course
Has knowledge about ICT in a company. Can apply abilities and gain new abilities for good work. Growing of social competence.
Knows how the IT enterprise works in practice. Knows how to apply their knowledge and to learn new tasks for successful performance. Analyzes his experience in practical successes and failure. Increased social competence (communication, teamwork skills, etc.).
Assessment methods
To get assessed the student has to compose work-diary/blog and selfanalysis about gained experience.
õp Inga Petuhhov
Study literature
Bakalaureuseõppe Informaatika erialapraktika eeskiri, 2009.
Replacement literature
Ainet pole võimalik läbida asenduskirjanduse alusel.