Who is Who in Russian Literature
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Vene kirjanduse personaalia
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Who is Who in Russian Literature
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Grigori Utgof (language of instruction: Russian)
Course aims
The present lecture course is aimed at creating a portrait of major Russian writers (of lecturer’s choice) through the analysis of his or her life story, creative works, and poetics.
Brief description of the course
1) Historical context: Some outlines. 2) The author’s life story and “the noise of time.” 3) Turning points in the author’s life, and their literary dimension. 4) Major structural principles of the writer’s literary texts. 5) The writer’s poetics vis-à-vis those of others.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- is expected to know how to evaluate the art of two prominent Russian writers, and to understand the role they play (or used to play) in Russian and world literature;
- is expected to know the literary groups the writers in question belonged to, and to evalute their works from the viewpoint of writers’ contemporaries and from the viewpoint of the literary theory of today.
Grigori Utgof
Additional information
91–100%: A (outstanding)
81–90%: B (very good)
71–80%: C (good)
61–70%: D (satisfactory)
51–60%: E (sufficient)
0–50%: F (insufficient)
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