Theory of Verse and Theory of Prose
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Proosa- ja luuleteooria
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Theory of Verse and Theory of Prose
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lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
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Brief description of the course
Problems and methods of poetics. Bases of the theory of a narration. Fabula and plot. A problem of the author and the narrator in the text. The “text in the text” as a problem of poetics. Bases of the structural analysis of the literary text. Immanent and subtextual analysis. Bases of prosody. Syllabo-tonic system of the versification. Tonic system of the versification. Vers libre. Rhythm and semantics. Phonic structure of verse (anagram, alliteration, paronomasia, assonance etc). Strophe structure of verse. Classification of rhymes.
Independent work
1. Preparation of abstracts, performance at seminars.
2. Analysis of the text.
3. Work with educational and scientific literature.
Learning outcomes in the course
Knowing the specific therminology, gaining skills in textual analysis. Gaining skills in analysing and commenting on literary text.
Assessment methods
Written essay, examinations, control test.
Lektor Grigori Utgof
Study literature
Lotman J. O poetah i poeziji. S.-Peterburg, 2001.
Tomashevskij B. Teorija literatury. Poetika. Мoskva: Aspekt Press, 1996.
Gasparov M. Russkie stihi 1890-1925 godov v kommentarijah. Мoskva, 1993.
Genette, G. Figures: III. Paris, 1972.
Zhenett, Zh. Figury: III. – Zhenett, Zh. Figury. T. 2. M., 1998.
Replacement literature
Lotman J.М. O poetah i poeziji. S.-Peterburg, 2001 (“Analiz poeticheskogo teksta”).
Zenkin, S. N. Teoriia literatury: Vvedenie v literaturovedenie. M., 2000.