Paradigms of Russian Culture
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Vene kultuuri paradigmad
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Paradigms of Russian Culture
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
To give knowledge of the main stages of development and main paradigms of the Russian culture of the X-XXIst centuries. Understanding of specifics of the Russian culture.
Brief description of the course
Culture as collective memory. National culture and its specifics. Typology of the Russian culture of the X-XXI centuries. Russian culture as culture of isolationist type. Identity of the Russian culture in the context of foreign influences. The Russian culture between the West (Europe) and the East (Asia). `Westernism` and `Slavophilism` in the Russian culture. Secular and religious aspects of the Russian culture. Transformations of the Russian culture in the XIX-XX centuries. A literature role in genesis of the Russian culture.
Independent work
1. Preparation of abstracts, performance at seminars.
2. Analysis of the text.
3. Work with educational and scientific literature.
Learning outcomes in the course
Understanding of specifics of the Russian culture. Knowledge of cultural codes. Ability to decode various cultural texts.
Assessment methods
Written essay, examinations, control test.
Dotsent Sergei Dotsenko
Replacement literature
Rudnev V. Slovar` russkoi kultury ХХ veka: Kluchevye ponatija i teksty. М., 1997.