Directions of Comparative and Functional Linguistics
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Kõrvutava ja funktsionaalse lingvistika suundumusi
Course title in English
Directions of Comparative and Functional Linguistics
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To promote formation of competence of one of modern directions of linguistics - functional. To present a theoretical basis, the basic problematics and the purposes of functional linguistics. Functional approach in comparative linguistics.
Brief description of the course
The main objects which are in focus of functional grammar: the is functional-semantic field, a categorial situation, communication between meaning and function of language units Is etc. analyzed also taxis and time deixis.
Independent work
Reading educational and scientific literature, proceeding from the list of obligatory and additional literature, and also according to course subjects. Exercises.
Learning outcomes in the course
- Knows the main directions of functional linguistics
- Is able to analyze the language facts from positions of functional linguistics
- is able to analyze material of various languages with use of methods of functional linguistics
Assessment methods
Written examination
Lektor Inna Adamson
Replacement literature
Teorija funktsionalnoj grammatiki: Opredeljonnost/Neopredeljonnost. (1992).
Teorija funktsionalnoj grammatiki: Katšestvennost. Kolitšestvennost. (1996).
Teorija funktsionalnoj grammatiki: Lokativnost, Bõtijnost, Possesivnost. Obuslovlennost. (1996).
Nickel, G. Contrastive Linguistics and Foreign-Language Teaching. In: Papers in Contrastive Lingistics. Cambridge University Press, 1971. Pp. 1-16.
Lado, R. How to compare Two Grammatical Structures. University of Michigan Press, 1957, pp. 67-59, 66-72, 89-91.