Vocal Technique I
Course code
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Course title in Estonian
Hääleseade I
Course title in English
Vocal Technique I
ECTS credits
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Teaching semester
autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2018/2019  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To create preconditions for the development of knowledge and skills of basic vocal technique.
Brief description of the course
The student learns and acquires the basics of vocal physiology and the principles of the vocal apparatus and voice direction (correct posture, singer’s breathing, use of resonators, clear enunciation). Basic knowledge about factors detrimental to the voice. Use of basic vocal knowledge in the middle register.
Independent work: Student prepares independently for lessons songs and vocalise according to music notation. Follows the correct rhythm. Know and understand the meaning of the lyrics (according to chosen repertoire in Estonian, Italian, German, French or Russian language).

Class attendance required.
Independent work
The student prepare for lessons songs and vocalize chosen by the voice teacher. The student follows the exact rhythm and notation, translates lyrics and understand the content of the song. According to repertoire: Estonian, Italian, German, French or russian languages. The student learns the repertoire by heart.
Learning outcomes in the course
- has acquired the basic knowledge and practical skills of healthy vocal technique.
- knows how to produce the voice in the middle register and how to direct it according to the primary principles of vocal discipline
- is able to understand the meaning of the lyrics
- is able to perform acquired songs according to the primary principles of vocal discipline
- shall sing two pieces at the school concert according to the requirements of vocal technique
Assessment methods
An assessment: Pass/Fail
The student performs two pieces accompanied by pianist.

1. Vocalize (Vaccai, Abt, Panofka etc)
2. Song (optional)
The repertoire performed from memory.
Vaike Kiik-Salupere PhD, Eda Zahharova MA
Study literature
Noodimaterjal vastavalt valitud repertuaarile.
Repertoire is chosen based on the student’s ability and level of advancement.

Manén, L. (1987). Bel Canto, Oxford University Press, New York. (pp. 25-46).
Vurma, A. (1996). Laulja pill, Scripta Musicalia, Tallinn. (lk.9-11, 15-17, 30-47).
Replacement literature
Protsessipõhine kursus ei ole läbitav asenduskirjanduse põhjal.