Principles of Academic Writing
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Akadeemiline kirjutamine
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Principles of Academic Writing
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autumn 1
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lecturer of 2018/2019  Spring semester
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Course aims
The objectives of the course are:
(1) that the student can apply his or her acquired knowledge, skills and tools into a specific research project;
(2) that s/he knows how to relate different areas of knowledge and apply them in the frame of a project; and
(3) that s/he can present his or her ideas and communicate the results of a research project.
Brief description of the course
This course will give you the basic notions of how to write research papers, how to cite and quote other authors’ ideas, enhancing your academic writing skills. It will help you in the process of formulating strong research questions and how to tackle them both from a theoretical and a methodological point of view. The course is of particular help to those in their stage of preparation for writing their dissertation.
Independent work
Learning outcomes in the course
By the end of the course, you will:
- Know the principles of academic writing
- Be able to quote and refer to different authors and sources
- Be able to avoid plagiarism
- Know how to devise an accurate research plan
- Be able to formulate a research problem, set down the hypothesis and the relevant research questions
- Know the stages of any research process and its structure
- Be able to present their research plan in an academic context
Assessment methods
A draft of a written research plan; active participation in the weekly seminars.
Scott Abel, MA
Study literature
Sirkka Hirsjärvi, Pirkko Remes, Paula Sajavaara (2005) Uuri ja kirjuta! Kirjastus Medicina
(2010). The Chicago Manual of Style (sixteenth edition). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Walker, M. (1996). Writing Research Papers: A Norton Guide (fourth edition), New York: Norton & Company.