Practical Chinese Language III
Course code
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Course title in Estonian
Praktiline hiina keel III
Course title in English
Practical Chinese Language III
ECTS credits
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Teaching semester
autumn - spring
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
Yue Huang (inglise keel) tavaline kursus
lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
The course aims on developing prerequisites for the acquisition of oral and written language skills in upper elementary Chinese.
Brief description of the course
This is an upper elementary Chinese class designed to train the basic comprehensive skills of Chinese such as listening, speaking, reading and Chinese character writing. Learners will learn and practice the language in common everyday situations.
Independent work
Student is expected to do all home assignments.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon successful completion of this course, the student
• understands simple instructions (such as sentences showing the way, showing to start or to finish to do something, and short dialogues at the custom, in the hospital)
• understands clearly presented numerical and other factual information pertaining to everyday situations (such as short dialogues considering choosing color, size and making payment in a shop, ordering in a restaurant, taking part in sports activities or making an appointment)
• is able to greet people and introduce each other in both formal and informal way
• knows how to express himself/herself in a simple manner on everyday topic (such as making simple suggestions, buying things, seeing doctor)
• reads and writes correctly the required 500 Chinese characters.
• is able to write short stories about people, one’s family, studies, hobbies or travelling experience.
Assessment methods
Student is expected to actively participate in all classes.
Grades will be assigned based on following criteria:
Particpatation: 5%
5 presentations during the class: 5%
5 essay writing task before the final exam: 5%
Final exam in the end of term (listening ,reading and writing (75%) and spoken test (25%): 85%
Additional information
Prerequisite course CIC6042.CI Practical Chinese Language II.

The content of lessons:
1) Sentences with an adjectival predicate
2) “yes-no “question with “吗”
3) Sentences with “是”
4) Questions with an interrogative pronoun
5) Sentences with a verbal predicate
6) Attributives expressing possession
7) V/A-not-V/A questions
8) Abbreviated questions with “呢“
9) The position of adverbs “也” and “都”
10) Numeral-measure words as attributives
11) Sentences with “有”
12) Expressing the date and days of the week
13) Words expressing time as adverbials
14) Sentences with a nominal predicate
15) Questions with “…, 好吗?”
16) Prepositional phrase
17) Sentences with double objects: “送” and “给”, “教” and “问 “
18) Telling time
19) Optative verbs: “会、能、可以、应该、要、想、愿意、可能”
20) Sentences with serial verb phrases: Purpose, means or manner
21) Sentences with a subject-predicate structure as predicate
22) Alternative questions
23) The particle “了 “
24) Pivotal sentences
25) The complement of state
26) Reduplication of the verb
27) The simple directional complement
28) The “把” sentence”