Audiovisual Storytelling
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Audiovisuaalne loojutustus
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Audiovisual Storytelling
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lecturer of 2018/2019  Spring semester
Dirk Hoyer (inglise keel)
lecturer of 2019/2020  Autumn semester
lecturer not assigned
Course aims
To teach students in a practice based approach how to tell stories using audiovisual means of expression
Brief description of the course
Audiovisual Storytelling requires a language and an approach to telling stories that differs from other forms of expressions. In order to tell a story in an audio-visual format the students have to learn how to “translate” content, stories, ideas into dramaturgical format suitable for screen media. During the course the students will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge how to frame their content for the screen. The course includes exercises in scriptwriting, different forms of narratives, pitching formats, an introduction to scriptwriting software, the basics of cinematography and a practical exercise in film production (maximum 4 minutes of mobile phone short documentary, journalistic reportage or fiction film). It is aimed at students who have to tell stories in audiovisual formats whether future journalists, filmmakers or producers of cross-media content
Independent work
Learning outcomes in the course
After successfully completing the course the students:
-have a conceptual understanding of the specific aspects of audio-visual storytelling
-have developed their practical skills in scriptwriting and have produced, directed and shot a short documentary, fiction film or reportage
Assessment methods
The final grade will be composed of two elements:
-the script for a short film
-the audiovisual production
Dirk Hoyer, PhD
Study literature
Due to the practical film-making part this course cannot be replaced with literature.