History of the Russian Language
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Vene kirjakeele ajalugu
Course title in English
History of the Russian Language
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the history of the Old Russian language. To develop independent research skills and the skills to analyze the old Russian texts and see old Russian words in a modern text.
Knowledge of literary texts; literary and historical context of the process of cultural understanding; understanding the specifics of the Medieval and 18th century literature; understanding of the creation of the literature system.
Brief description of the course
Origin and development stages of the written Russian language. Old Slavonic and Old Russian languages. Slavic alphabets. Old Russian written language and the types of manuscripts. Old Russian phonetic and grammatical system, changes and developments of those.
Creation of the Russian literature. Medieval literature specifics. Old Christian period books in Old Russia. Narrative literature in the Old Russia. Original and translated biographical literature in Russia.
Independent work
1. Written report and oral presentation
2. Analysis of an Old Russian text.
3. Independent study of the course topics and scientific literature listed in the program
Learning outcomes in the course
The student
- knows the history of the Old Russian language;
- orients in the field of study and in scientific literature on this topic, knows classic research papers of the topic;
- is able to analyze samples of Old Slavic and old Russian text.
Assessment methods
Lektor Natalja Netšunajeva
Replacement literature
• Kamchatnov A. Staroslavjanckii jazyk., 2001
• Netšunajeva N.A. Fonetika staroslavjanskogo i drevnerusskogo jazykov. (soavt. Kudrjavcev Ju.S., Nelisov E.A.). Tallinn:1987.
• Gudzij N. Istorija drevnej russkoj literatury. Мoskva, 2002.
• Hrestomatija po drevnej russkoj literature XI-XVII vekov. Мoskva, 2004.