Stylistics and Text in Advertising
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Stilistika ja reklaamitekst
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Stylistics and Text in Advertising
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Course aims
Major. To provide students with necessary knowledge of style and an overview of the specific features of various types of advertising texts and to reinforce acquired knowledge by compiling efficient advertising texts.
Brief description of the course
Written language and general language. Analysis of style: high style, low style, stylistic neutrality. Image of a style. Stylistics of advertising texts. Text and textuality. Text cohesion. Advertising as social communication. Advertising and product: an historic overview. Reception of advertising text, consumer and consumer groups in social group environments. Inducing the recipients response. Advertising as persuasion. BIG IDEA. Compiling a creative task, collecting and analysing information. Elements of advertising text, structure of an advertisement. Headlines of advertisements, their types and influence. The structure of an advertising text depending on the media: printed, radio, television, poster advertisements. New media and advertising. Integrated campaigns and campaign style.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Tudeng tunneb stiilivõtteid ning suudab vältida ja parandada stiilivigu tekstis, omab pädevust analüüsida ja hinnata reklaamteksti, kogemust erinevate reklaamtekstide koostamisest.
lekt Olga Kuzmina, Tanel Tomson, Ülle Salumäe