Special Theory of Relativity
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Special Theory of Relativity
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lecturer of 2023/2024 Spring semester
Erkki Soika (language of instruction:Estonian)
lecturer of 2024/2025 Autumn semester
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Course aims
To support the development of understandings in the
worldview of modern physics;
To provide a deeper understanding of mechanics from
the point of view of non-classical physics.
Brief description of the course
The general aim of the subject is to introduce the theory of special relativity as a primary theory of non-classical physics. The inadequacy of classical mechanics. Fizeau and Michelson experiment. Special theory of relativity. Lorentz transformations and their conclusions: simultaneity of events in different background systems, body contraction and time dilatation. The twin paradox. Interval. Adding velocities in a noninertial system. Relativistic Doppler effect. Relativistic dynamics, relativistic momentum. The relationship between mass and energy in a relativistic case.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
- has ability to solve the tasks of movement, collision and decay of bodies;
- has knowledge of the relationship and unity of time and space and the peculiarities of objects with mass 0;
- understands the importance of non-classical physics in the Universe;
- has ability to distinguish areas where relativistic shortening is unthinkable;
- has ability to discuss about relativistic effects.
dots Erkki Soika
Prerequisite course 1