Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
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Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
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Course aims
The course will offer students an opportunity to acquire basic knowledge about the about value and structure of biodiversity, the threats to it and the basic about the tools available for conservation of populations and ecosystems.
Brief description of the course
Short description. Fundamentals of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. History of biodiversity conservation and formation of conservation biology as a science. Components of biodiversity. Threats to biodiversity. Environmental ethics. Environmental economy. Theoretical principles of species conservation and their application. Extinctions. Prioritization in conservation: species, ecoregions, ecosystems. Paradigms in species conservation. Biology of small populations: demography, genetics, environmental impact, population viability analyses (PVA). Ex situ conservation. Recovery of species. Restoration ecology. Principles of ecosystems management. Design of protected areas: size, distance, corridors, zones, edge effect. International and national biodiversity legislation: principles and history. Biodiversity conservation and social processes.
Learning outcomes in the course
Upon completing the course the student:
Basic knowledge of biodiversity and conservation biology.
dots Tiit Maran, PhD
Prerequisite course 1