VET Teacher´s Professionalism
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Kutseõpetaja professionaalsus
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VET Teacher´s Professionalism
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lecturer of 2020/2021  Autumn semester
õppejõud on määramata
lecturer of 2020/2021  Spring semester
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Course aims
The objective of the course is to create an opportunity to scientifically understand the professionality of VET teachers and to plan development as a VET teacher, as well as to support preparedness in supporting colleagues and cooperation-based professional activity.
Brief description of the course
Professionality in education and society. Scientific approaches to professionalism and profession. The professionalism of a VET teacher, its nature, definition and influencing factors. The status of a VET teacher in society. Qualification of a VET teacher and evaluation thereof. Becoming a VET teacher: the professional identity of a VET teacher, professional ethics and building up the reputation of vocational training.
The VET teacher in cooperation networks. Basis of cooperation (including teamwork). Cooperation networks and their links to professionalism. Cooperation with various parties (colleagues, students, parents, representatives of the world of work, professional associations, other educational institutions). Collaborative professional competitions and contests.
The VET teacher as a supervisor and mentor. The nature, objectives and stages of mentoring. The competences, roles and tasks of a mentor. A mentee's expectations of the mentor and mentoring and the tasks of the mentee in the mentoring process. Methods used in the mentoring process. The nature of supervising in mentoring. The tasks of the mentor as a supervisor of vocational pedagogy practice and of the vocational or adjustment year. The counselling process and the competences of the counsellor. Providing motivational oral and written feedback in mentoring.
Independent work
The student independently researches and analyses the professionalism of VET teachers in the performance of their duties, provides feedback on the pedagogical activities of a VET teacher and analyses their competences according to the professional standards for VET teachers, Level 7.
Learning outcomes in the course
The student:
- analyses the expression of a VET teacher's professionalism in the performance of their duties based on the VET teacher's experience, competence requirements and theoretical approaches to professionalism;
- analyses their professionalism as a VET teacher based on the competence requirements of a VET teacher and designing their own professional development based on self-development needs;
- analyses cooperation networks in the work of a VET teacher, the nature of the cooperation and the roles of various parties based on theoretical approaches to teamwork;
- supports the professional development of a colleague through motivating feedback based on theoretical approaches to mentoring.
Assessment methods
Development report
Meidi Sirk
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